Head Shots

When an employer, client, or co-worker sees your profile image, it is the first connection that the viewer has with you. At J.bloom Photography, we make that moment count. Experienced recruiters look very closely at every detail in your resume and your photo holds an important place here too. Do you show confidence, reliability, trustworthiness? We can make that happen.

Hiring a professional photographer to take your headshot images for you may sound extravagant to some, but when you consider the benefits of a professional headshot, it more than evens out the cost. It’s an investment that you won’t regret! 

Why Choose J.Bloom

We’re committed to providing the best professional photography services to all our clients in and around Omaha, Nebraska at the most competitive costs. While many people prefer to come to our studio, we understand that it may not be possible for some of you. This is why we also offer sessions on the location of your choice to save you time.

Want to get head-shots for your staff? A good head-shot of your team not only makes you look good, but it can have real-life benefits to your company! This can help you to build team spirit and keeps everyone’s morale high! 


We offer different sessions to accommodate various requirements of all our clients. 

We offer the following sessions:


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